iPhone 6/6s Plus - Vintage Metallic Slim Pelle

By Vaja Lab


The Slim Pelle leather case for iPhone 6/6s plus has been crafted in soft Vintage metallic leather, is a relaxed case that will ad sparkle to your day looks and stand out in the evening. The Metallic foil this leather has, will start loosing its shine on the borders developing a unique Vintage patina after several weeks of use.

This iPhone 6 leather case was designed to protect the iPhone's display while giving you some extra grip and a super slim design. The case fixes to your iphone using our proprietary adhesive backing which allows you to remove and reapply the Slim Pelle case over and over again. The cover has embedded rare earth magnets to create a discrete, yet effective design thats safe for all electronic devices. This innovative technology works in your iPhone 6/6s Plus case to form a secure seal offering maximum protection with minimal effort and obstruction.